About us


More than 15 years of experience!

Interweb.al shpk is a company that builds, designs, manages websites, web hosting. Creates, manages social networks, and offers many information technology services. Interweb.al shpk since 2003, offers all the quality and possible innovation to its customers, in terms of hosting and webdesign.

We offer complete solutions for websites through plans prepared for individuals, small, medium businesses and corporations. We offer this process very simply to customers, both beginners and advanced users, so anyone can have the opportunity to take advantage of what the internet and technology offers.


Creativity, Security and Solution

We are quality oriented and we give our best to offer you long term solutions. Our works are characterized by creative and resilient design, high speed and secure hosting, internet marketing, IT solutions and 24/7 maintenance. We create unique websites for each client, offering our analysis and professional vision to each client. We make the site building process easy and enjoyable. We make it simple for anyone to understand internet services and solutions.



For years we have been taking care of the online presence of the largest Albanian companies and not only.

Websites are one of our specialties and we know how to offer the best for any individual / business / activity that requires a modern online presentation.

With a staff of professionals with several years of experience in building websites, online stores, portals, etc., Interweb.al offers services to anyone who seeks the highest standards. As a good connoisseur of all web design innovations and trends, our team relies on CMS systems, unique design, to build your online submission.

Internet security, modern time-resistant designs, online shopping and flexibility in management are the main features of the websites we build. We offer solutions and consultancy for each project you have devised by showing you all the methodology and work practice we follow.

SSD Web Hosting / cPanel®

Faster and more secure hosting service with the latest technology. Order now the plan that suits you best to build your website.

Free Online Technical Support (Remote)

Safety / Speed ​​/ Performance

Interweb.al shpk offers the highest quality web hosting and services at the lowest possible prices. We offer web hosting service with reliable servers. We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality, fast online support responses, high server performance and customer care service. Our packages are designed to accommodate almost any customer, but if you need an advanced package

VPS servers of interweb.al sh.p.k. give you the access, stability and control you need to successfully run your website or your application. If you are a business that has heavy traffic to your site or a software developer that creates complex web applications, downtime is not an option.

VPS hosting offers an unconditional level of performance that you will need to “stay calm”. We got physical servers and partitioned it into several virtual hosts, each of which contained a reserved amount of RAM and CPU. VPS hosts, unlike shared hosting, will not compete against each other for network resources. You have full access to your server the same way you have access to dedicated servers and local machines.

Nowadays, information technology has taken great strides. Websites require dedication and motivation to always be up to date. Fresh information, professional photos, site code updates and many other elements are essential and vital to the website.

Regardless of the system the website uses, WordPress, Joomla, Bootstrap or custom code. It is always required that a website and hosting service be updated as often as necessary.
Protect yourself from the dangers of the internet and the challenges of modern smartphone and tablet screens.

We have the solution for maintaining your site. We can update as many times as you need or we can update it according to different frequencies. If your site requires a random update or constant weekly changes.