Exchange Server 2013 is a well known mail service that is used by the majority of big companies worldwide. It is a service that is secure, user friendly and affordable for any company that wants to give e permanent solution for their emails. sh.p.k. offers a variety of plans that are well designed for any business and individual activity, regardless their budget.

Any plan includes automatic backup of every mailbox, uptime 100% and great flexibily managing users.

This service is implemented using redundant solution. Redundant servers are configured to store and duplicate your email content anytime. sh.p.k. offers a service that is 100 % safe, always online, and always stored in a secure servers. Nothing gets lost.

Any mailbox that we offer has Unlimited traffic and storage.

Some of the advantages of Exchange E-Mail over POP/IMAP are:

•    Smartphone/tablet access: Phone and tablet emails are one of the greatest services that anyone uses in a daily basis. Our services can be easily installed in any smartphone and they  are always synchronized.

•    Calendar and Contacts: Full synchronisation of emails Microsoft Outlook and Webmail in all the devices. Your emails will be totally synchronized and you will use all the emails your want in your phone, tablet, laptop etc. Dont worry if you buy a new phone of tablet. Your emails are totally synchronised online.

•    Everything is stored in a central server: Email, Contact, Calendar, Tasks, everything is stored in a central server that makes possible a 100% synchronisation at any device.

•    Dynamic Calendar: Any employer can access , edit  and create a dynamic calendar to be accesible from anyone, can be edited and shared the same time.

•    Dynamic Tasks: All colleagues can have access to a central list of tasks that can be distributed between them and automatically synchronized to all devices.

•    Shared list of contacts in real time: Contact lists can be stored and modified any moment where all the modifications are reflected in real time in all devices that have the right to view these lists. This is a better solution than any other list stored locally which can be damaged and deleted.

•    Access from Outlook Web interface : Emails can be used by an Internet web browser that has the same interface, identical to Outlook on your computer.

•    Archive: All data are stored and archived, associated with automatic back up system.

•    Antispam: Sophisticated spam filtering system provided by McAfee, which personal quarantine to check e-mails which may mistakenly caught by the system. All stored and archived data, associated with automatic backup system.

•    Advanced Options: Request for withdrawal of an e-mail if you mistakenly send to a person, “Out of Office autoreply” located in a device and reflected on all your devices for activisation and deactivation .

•    Public Folders: Possibility of creation a public folder  in which colleagues can store documents and materials visible to all other colleagues.