Social media are resources that people use online to share opinions, insights and experiences with others. This happens within social networks such as Facebook, video sharing sites such as YouTube, weblogs such as Lifehacker, forums such as WordPress and, for example, wikis such as Wikipedia.


What can Social Media do for my business?
Social media makes it possible to initiate a dialogue with your target group or to become a component of an online dialogue in which your brand or product takes central stage. Below, some concrete goals are listed that you can achieve with social media:

  • increase brand-name recognition
  • build a relationship with your target group promote distinguishing assets
  • increase the number of visitors to your website increase the visitor activity on your website realise more (online) sales
  • achieve better positions in search engines

But which objectives are important and feasible for your company? The answer to this question depends upon various factors. To what extent, for example, is your organization prepared to open up? And even more important is to know how your target group navigates online within existing social media channels.

What does the Tribal service Social Media entail?
We help you to discover and exploit the chances that social media offers. We provide no standard solutions but think with the customer. By immersing themselves in your business and product, our specialists can uncover successful solutions and carry them out.

Because social media offers numerous possibilities it is important to decide which specific activities will be effective for your organization. This topic is delved into during the social media workshop. For organizations that would like to receive tailor-made advice we draw up strategic advice plans.

When it comes to implementing your social media strategy Tribal Internet Marketing can offer support in the following manners:

  • project management
  • technical realization (websites, widgets and blogs)
  • content production marketing activities workshops and training

Which businesses  is the service Social Media suited for?
Social media is mostly tailored to businesses that:

  • want optimal online visibility
  • want to build up and expand upon the relationship with their target group want to change their marketing activities from push to pull
  • dare to make themselves vulnerable
  • want to give their brand a human image shpk helps you decide if social media is the right choice for you.


Social Media Marketing we offer:


Facebook Advertising helps you increase the number of visitors or customers to your site and remains the most effective way to social network marketing. Facebook continues to have the largest number of users, from different ages, giving you the opportunity to address the marketing to more than a certain group of customers.

 You can target using the location, age, gender, or interests of the user. You also have an option to address the advertisement only to those people who have previously visited your website.

Facebook Advertising not only offers large audiences, but you can evaluate how effective the advertising has been, by generating real time reports.


The number of users on Instagram has grown significantly recently, reaching about 700 million, and offering a great audience to advertise your business. Instagram is associated with Facebook, making the process of creating ads much easier and using data from Facebook for targeting.

If you have a business for online selling, you can integrate Shopify and sell your products immediately. Instagram is more effective and cost less time than any other social network.

There are several ways you can advertise on Instagram:

  • Instagram Video Ads – You can create a video for up to 60 seconds to introduce your business or products.
  • Instagram Photo Ads – Advertise your business through an image, the fastest way to attract attention
  • Instagram Carousel Ads – Use some images to give more information
  • Instagram Stories Ads

Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords provides a more transparent way to measure performance, you can see what works and what not, by studying real time reports about key words. The benefits coming from Google depend on the budget you have invested, this is very effective for businesses that want quick earnings.

AdWords offers many options to create your own ad:

  • Using key words so that ads appear to people who are searching for a similar service to yours
  • The ability to add images, contact details or links
  • Choice of audience based on location, time of day, language or type of device being used by the client.

You can generate benefits from Google using:

  • Cost Per Click (CPC) – By paying a fee for each click that you receive on your site, you generate revenue, which depends on the amount invested by you for this click.
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) – In this case you pay a cost for certain actions such as sales or registration, and later gaining revenue.