VPS & Dedicated Servers

VPS servers from interweb.al sh.p.k.

We give you access, stability and control
that you need to successfully run your website or your application. If you are a business that has heavy traffic to your site or a software developer that creates complex web applications, downtime is not an option.
VPS hosting offers an unconditional level of performance that you will need to “sleep the mind”. We got a single physical server and partitioned it into several virtual hosts, each of which contained a reserved amount of RAM and CPU. VPS hosts, unlike shared hosting, will not compete against each other for network resources. You have full access to your server the same way you have access to dedicated servers and local machines.

All Virtual Private Servers we offer are:

• Root SSH Access
• Unlimited Domains
• MySQL Optimized Virtual Machines
• Powered by CentOS, Windows Server or any other OS you may need
• 100% Uptime Guarantee
• Web-based Control Panel (WHM / cPanel)
• PHP5 Coverage / Full CGI Full Access / Unix Shell / Network Isolation / Unlimited Mail Accounts / Guaranteed Memory Resources

What you can do with a Virtual Private Server:
• Hosting high traffic sites
• Installation of almost any web application directly from the control panel
• Hosts and Multiple Client Websites
• Hosting E-Commerce Websites
• Develop & Test your Applications
• Run your Custom App
We configure everything based on your needs and once we do that we give you the details to immediately access your Virtual Private Server host.

Dedicated Servers
Get a server all for yourself for control, power, total security. Our server experts will monitor the performance and update your server 24/7/365 so you focus on your business. The hosts are owned by interweb.al sh.pk.

All of our dedicated servers include:
• Up to 1 TB of mirrored storage (RAID-1, for better protection)
• Server Grade CPU
• Full Root Access
• Multi-Core Processors
• Managed automatic backups
• 100% Uptime Guarantee
We configure everything based on your needs and after we do this we give you the details to immediately access your Dedicated server.