Hosted Email Exchange

Hosted Email Exchange

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The Exchange Server e-mail system is used by the largest companies in the world.
It is a system which is safe, flexible to use and quite economical. The business plans that sh.p.k. offers, are studied according to the needs of the market and each customer for personal and business use.
Each plan includes automatic backup of each mailbox, 100% connection guarantee as well as flexibility in user management.
The system is built from a “redundant server”. Each link of the system is duplicated so that in case of any possible problems the system is online. This until the replacement of the damaged device. The guarantee for this system is 100%, and there is no downturn.
Every mailbox we offer to the client is with unlimited space and traffic.

Some of the advantages of Exchange E-Mail system over POP / IMAP systems are:
Smartphone / tablet access:

Today e-mail on the move is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity for everyone. This system is offered on every mobile device, tablet without any restrictions. Used in every mobile operating system starting from Blackberry OS, iOS (iPhone), Windows Phone etc.

Calendar and Contacts:

Total synchronization between all devices in both Microsoft Outlook and webmail. Do not miss any appointments or contact numbers if you change your phone or setup.

Data stored on the server:

Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, are stored on the central server. Everything is automatically synchronized on each device.

Calendar dynamics:

All employees can access, edit, compile data in a dynamic calendar. Accessible to all persons dynamically and guaranteed according to the permits of each person. The calendar is accessible on the network and on mobile / tablet.


All colleagues can access a central to-do list. It can be distributed between them and synchronized automatically on all devices.

Dynamic Contact Distribution:

Contact lists can be saved and modified at any time. All modifications are reflected in real time on all devices that have the right to view these lists. This is a solution many times safer than any other locally stored list which can be damaged and lost.


All data is stored and archived, accompanied by automatic back up by the system itself.


Sophisticated antispam system provided by McAfee, which performs occasional checks on spam emails. All archived data is protected by a back up system.

Advanced options:

Request for withdrawal of e-mail in case you send it to a person by mistake. “Out of Office Autoreply” located on one device and reflected in all your devices for easier activation / deactivation.

Public Folders:

Possibility of creating public folders in which materials are thrown and each colleague can save documents and process them together with other colleagues.

Access from Outlook Web:

Emails can be used by an internet web browser which has the same interface as Outlook on your computer.